We've previously written about the retired New Jersey police officer that was involved in an accident that killed two New Jersey motorcycle drivers and injured four other riders. The motorcycle accident supposedly occurred because this individual was driving a pickup truck while drunk, had swerved into the opposite lane and then ran into the group of motorcycles. Now the injured motorcycle riders and the widows of the deceased rider are bringing a wrongful death and personal injury suit against the driver of the pickup and three separate taverns. The taverns have been brought in because it is alleged that they continually served the pickup driver alcoholic beverages when he was already visibly intoxicated. The driver is accused of a failure to stay alert, remain in his own lane or obey the speed limit. The taverns are accused of being grossly and wantonly negligent in their continual serving of alcohol. In any lawsuit of this type negligence will need to be established. Though the negligence of the pickup driver may seem clear cut, proving up the negligence of the taverns will require a great more investigation and information gathering by the attorneys and those that are hired by the attorneys. When the driver visited each tavern, how much he had to drink, how his behavior was by employees of each tavern, and the timing of when he arrived, left the bar and got behind the wheel of the pickup truck are just some of the items that will need to be established for plaintiffs to make their case against these taverns. But though the task may require intensive labor, laws are put into place to hold the negligent parties accountable. Victims of negligence do deserve compensation. Source: The Morning Call, "Motorcyclists, widows sue driver and bars over Bangor crash that killed 2," by Frank Warner, Feb. 8, 2012