A New Jersey woman has reached out to the family of a Tulane University football player who sustained spinal injuries on the field earlier this week. The woman said she was reminded of her own son, who received a similar injury on the football field just two years ago. On that occasion, her son, a Rutgers graduate, made a tackle that ultimately left him on the field with a broken spine. He became paralyzed below the arms. Although he has made some progress by attending physical therapy five times a week, it is likely that he will be required to breathe with the assistance of a ventilator for the rest of his life. Spinal cord injuries often require a great deal of long term care, and sufferers will likely require significant financial support. The New Jersey mother attempted to contact the injured player's family through Rutgers and the Reeve Foundation, which raises money for spinal cord research. She said that she wasn't surprised she hadn't heard back, noting that during her experience two years ago, she had been too preoccupied with her son's health to respond to those reaching out to her. Though the two football players can expect plenty of support from both Tulane and Rutgers, not all those who suffer spinal injuries can say the same. Due to the financial strain that such an injury can place on families, the services of a seasoned attorney may be required to ensure that the injured are well cared for in the future. Above all, parties involved must insure that the injured is provided not only with sympathy and respect, but also with the means to ensure his care and support for years to come. The medical expenses, wage losses and costs for additional services that come along with spinal cord injuries generally exceed the financial resources of most families. Sources: The Statesman, "LeGrands reach out to family of hurt Tulane player," Ralph D. Russo, Sept. 12, 2012