After a 4.5 year wait, a 27-year-old Washington Township resident received one of the biggest jury awards for a personal injury case in that area, an award amounting to $3.5 million dollars. According to a release by a representative for the plaintiff, the New Jersey jury determined that woman, who suffered severe and life-long injuries to her neck and spine in the accident, was entitled to the award of $2.75 million dollars while her husband received $750,000. The accident was caused when another driver crossed the double yellow line and struck the woman head-on, leading to severe injuries to the plaintiff. The award came after the woman turned down an initial offer from State Farm to settle for $50,000 and filed a personal injury suit. While the State Farm representatives did not offer comment on the suit and subsequent award, the attorney for the plaintiff made a statement noting his pleasure with the jury's assessment of the severity of her injuries. Many times after a car accident, those involved in the accident who do not have an attorney face settling for far too little from the insurance company. Since the insurance company will attempt to keep their offer to the minimum, an attorney may often be the only way some people are able to get reimbursed for all of the costs associated with their accident. These costs often include towing costs, hospital or medical bills, missed work and repairs to the vehicle. A personal injury attorney may be able to help advise their client regarding the possible outcome of a suit, help negotiate a settlement out of court or represent their client during a trial. Without the help of an attorney, many people will never receive a fair settlement.