Slippery conditions and decreased visibility unfortunately can make driving on our roads a dangerous activity. This is probably why three deaths on our New Jersey roads have been blamed on the recent snowstorm. One victim was killed on the New Jersey turnpike. After getting out of his car following a rear-end collision, at least two other vehicles struck the victim as he stood by the side of the road. Both vehicles than fled the scene of the accident. Hit-and-run accidents cause legal complications for injured parties and their families. At least if we can locate one of the parties responsible for an injury, we can hold that person and that person's insurance company liable. However, when a party leaves the scene it is not always legally clear who should ultimately end up paying for damages. Insurance may or may not be available. And even if an insurance company will pay part of the claim, what that company offers to pay may not be adequate to compensate the victims of such an accident and make them whole. Often, legal counsel experienced in the area of personal injury and insurance related matters can make an adequate determination as to what will at least somewhat compensate a victim or their family for a tragic accident such as the one mentioned above. Obviously, it can never make up for the loss of a family member, but at least the family of the victim can be compensated to recover any financial losses that resulted from the loss of a family member. That carelessness was likely to blame for this accident is only part of the story. That drivers such as those involved in the incident would rather flee than assist an injured individual is what's truly disturbing about what had happened here. Source:, "N.J. residents blindsided by fall snowstorm regroup among downed trees and widespread power outages," Nov. 11, 2011