A New Jersey firefighter's back was injured in a couple of separate accidents. The workers' compensation matter that was settled with regarding to these injuries has recently been settled for $53,697. Both accidents that contributed to the firefighter's injuries came about a number of years ago. The first accident occurred in 2007 when the vehicle he was driving was rear-ended by a mini-van and he sustained injuries to his neck. Then in August of 2008, the firefighter was struck by an ambulance while the firefighter was performing his job duties in front of the firehouse. The goal of workers' compensation is to compensate employees for injuries that are sustained on the job, but the laws for workers' compensation are complex and involve both federal and state law. Settlement of these claims can be complicated by the fact that we have an insurer obligated to pay the injured employee while the premiums for the workers' compensation insurance are paid by the employer. Workers' compensation cases are often complicated when multiple accidents contributed to a workers' current condition. Some carriers may wish to deny such a claim due to it being unclear as to what accident primarily caused the injury, whether the injury was work-related, etc. Attorneys familiar with workers' compensation law will do what they can to avoid any confusion when these claims are being negotiated or tried. Injured employees obviously have a number of other concerns besides trying to figure out all the paperwork to fill out when filing a claim. They also have families to take care of and bills to pay. It's helpful for these workers to seek the advice of others. Source: Paterson Press, "Firefighter Gets $53,967 Workers Comp Settlement," by Joe Malinconico, Dec. 6, 2012