When someone loses a family member in a tragic auto accident, the pain and anger are understandably unimaginable. For one Jersey City family, however, that pain has been compounded by Facebook posts from those allegedly responsible for the death of an 8-year-old boy. The boy was killed just outside his home this June. The two drivers reportedly involved in the tragic incident were cited, but so far have faced no criminal charges. One received a ticket for careless driving. Both received speeding tickets. According to the boy's family, however, one driver left the scene. They believe that he should be charged with a hit-and-run offense. Prosecutors say that they don't have evidence of that. However, the accident remains under investigation pending the medical examiner's findings. To make matters worse, friends of the family found Facebook posts from the two drivers about the accident. One reportedly posted, "why u told me to get in the front that day. You hit that kid cuz your brakes on your car wasn't good." The other driver then responded, "what you talking about it was 2 cars that's what everybody saying...." The posts, which also discussed the possibility of serving jail time over the incident, have since been removed. The boy's father and grandfather are outraged that the men haven't been charged with any crimes, and that they were discussing the boy's death on social media without any expression of remorse. The boy, whom his grandfather called "a special kid," was reportedly interested in football. However, he never had a chance to grow up. He said, "[W]e'll never know now" what he could have become. Anyone who has lost a loved one to the actions of a reckless or negligent driver certainly wants the person responsible to face the appropriate criminal charges. However, whether that happens or not, they also have the option to seek justice through civil litigation. New Jersey attorneys can provide guidance and assistance in helping families seek that justice. Source: NBC New York, "New Jersey Family Outraged by Drivers' Facebook Posts About Crash That Killed 8-Year-Old Boy," Michael George, Sep. 29, 2015