A woman continues to suffer from injuries suffered after being struck by a car on December 11, 2009. The accident occurred in Bloomfield, which is only a short distance away from Rochelle Park. The woman suffered a massive and traumatic brain injury, and she has remained hospitalized and mostly unresponsive to any type of physical stimulus since that time. Her husband is now the primary caregiver for the couple's two children - a 9-year old boy and 4-year old girl. Because of his obligations to his children, and because his wife's health insurance also expired, he moved his wife to her native country of Poland where they could take advantage of less expensive medical care. The cost of rehabilitation for brain injured patients is enormous. As far back as 2003, such costs could exceed $1600 a day. Another such cost concerned flying his children over to Poland so that they could see their mother. Nevertheless, the woman's husband continues to do what he can for his wife. Friends of the family recently organized a fundraiser in hopes of alleviating some of the medical costs. And though his wife is dependent upon a feeding tube and is unable to walk or talk, her husband remains optimistic that she will someday get better and be able to come back to the United States. There's very little anyone can do to provide consolation for a family that has been placed in this type of situation. Though money may or may not provide any benefit for this injured woman, attorneys can attempt to help her family receive some compensation for the time and money already spent carrying for their family member. Source: Livingston Patch, "Community Rallies Around Family of Brain-Injured Mom," by Linda Federico-O'Murchu, June 15, 2012