A New Jersey woman and dock worker was recently killed due to an industrial accident. At the time of this workplace accident, the 47-year old worker was assisting with the unloading of a container ship but was accidentally caught up between two freight cars that had been unloaded from the ship. The woman was then taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. An investigation into the accident will continue, and OSHA will likely also look into the circumstances of what occurred. Though the exact circumstances of the above accident require further investigation, injuries and even deaths at industrial sites is far too common. Employers often fail to follow safety guides and regulations set down by OSHA. Employers may fail to provide workers the safety equipment that they need to protect themselves from such accidents. Or employers sometimes fail to warn employees of dangerous conditions and send them to sites fully unprepared for the workplace hazards they may encounter. Although it would be impossible to fill the void of losing a loved one, families often find that wrongful death lawsuits provide them with the financial stability they need during this difficult time. It's always a good idea to consult with an attorney or other outside source that can help family members sort out their options. It should also be kept in mind that personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits are not just for the benefit of the immediate family. Such lawsuits can show the need for increased safety and may force employers to implement stringent safety procedures to protect workers from being injured or killed. Employers owe it to their workers to keep their work sites safe, and a worker should never be injured or killed in the same manner as this female dock worker. Source: nj.com, "Female dock worker at Port Newark killed in industrial accident," by Tomas Dinges, Feb. 22, 2012