When an employee experiences sexual harassment at the workplace, the situation often involves other unlawful actions by an employer. Sexual harassment is a serious allegation and employees who have endured sexual harassment and other related workplace violations have the right to challenge the behavior. Three New Jersey employees have recently filed a lawsuit against their employer claiming each of the employees were sexually harassed and also endured discrimination. The three employees all work at a local New Jersey court and all three employees claim they endured sexual harassment and related unlawful acts by the same employee, the court administrator. In addition to the sexual harassment claims, the three employees claimed they endured a hostile working environment that was create by the court administrator, who was in a position of authority. They claimed employment violations occurred for almost three years. The claimed harassment consisted of the court administrator making derogatory comments and calling the three employees disparaging names. The comments and name calling were related to the employee's physical appearance, religion, age and other personal subjects. After the lawsuit was filed, a forth employee came forward and claimed similar employment harassment and discrimination. The actions by the court administrator have been reported by the employees on several occasions, but were recently reported to local police. Following the police report, the court administrator was placed on administrative leave. Employees who suffer from employment harassment and discrimination are often placed in a difficult situation. An experienced attorney can help an employee find a resolution to their situation and hold those responsible liable for their actions. Source: Asbury Park Press, "Howell employees sue town, others in sex harassment, discrimination claim," Sept. 12, 2012