A New Jersey motorist was killed when the vehicle she was driving collided with a North Jersey Coast Line train. Fortunately, no passenger on the train was injured in this accident. The cause of the accident remains under investigation. Motor vehicle accidents colliding with trains too often happen in this manner. Warnings or barricades may be lacking or insufficient to prevent motorists or pedestrians from being injured or killed. Obviously we want all individuals to be aware of their surroundings, but warnings and barricades need to be provided by the train provider to prevent such a collision from ever occurring. Crossings also need to be clearly marked to prevent any car from going across the tracks when a train is approaching. It is obvious that the injuries involved in this type of situation when a car is struck by a train can be severe or deadly. Because of the suddenness of such accidents and the seriousness of the consequences when such an accident does occur, the individual or family member will likely require legal assistance to be at least somewhat reimbursed for what has occurred. Also, without the presence of lawsuits to hold transportation vendors' liable for injuries, improved safety features and more adequate warnings concerning dangers may never be provided. The individual killed was an elderly man. The accident occurred at 11:15 on a Sunday morning, and there were likely a large number of other pedestrians that witnessed the accident. This type of accident could possibly have occurred to anyone on that particular day. Source: The Republic, "Elderly motorist killed when NJ Transit train, car collide at crossing in central NJ," Nov. 13, 2011