When a motor vehicle accident happens in New Jersey, the collision has the potential to cause injuries to everyone who is involved in the collision. An accident is magnified when the crash involves a city transit bus that has the capacity to carry multiple passengers. A recent bus accident on a New Jersey roadway occurred when a small car collided with a city transit bus. The rescue units that responded to the accident reported the collision was a serious accident. The crash happened earlier this week at about 10 a.m. Although the circumstances surrounding the collision are still under investigation, it was raining at the time of the collision. The heavy rain may have been one factor in the cause of the collision. In the aftermath of the accident, the small car incurred severe damage to its front end. Pictures of the accident scene indicated almost the entire front end of the small car was smashed as a result of the accident. In addition to property damage, several people were injured in the accident. The exact amount of personal injury that occurred from the collision could not be reported, but several bus passengers were taken off of the bus on stretchers. The physical injuries sustained by either of the drivers have not been reported. Bus accidents can be complicated, especially when multiple people were injured as a result of the accident. The investigation of the accident will provide more information regarding the events that caused the car accident, which will allow those injured in the accident to more accurately assess their entitlement to potential damages. Source: NJ.com, "New Jersey Transit bus, vehicle involved in serious crash on Route 45 in Mannington Township," Bill Gallo Jr., Aug. 14, 2012