A bus full of children traveling on New Jersey Interstate 80 at the beginning of what was supposed to be a wonderful camping trip was involved in a bus accident that caused multiple injuries to several of the children. There were 39 children traveling on the bus on the New Jersey highway when their bus was involved in an accident. The 39 children were traveling on two different buses and were traveling to the Great Adventure theme park. Since the buses were traveling together, the two buses were following one another in a line. The bus that was in the rear ended up rear-ending the bus traveling in the lead. All of the children who were on the buses were between the ages of 9 and 10. In addition to the 39 children, two adults were also present on the two buses. It was reported that the rear-end collision occurred after the lead bus unexpectedly applied its brakes. The first bus applied its breaks in an effort to avoid a car accident that previously occurred on the interstate. The two buses were traveling at approximately 15 mph at the time crash. All of the 39 children and two adults who were involved in the accident were taken to a local hospital for treatment for minor injuries. The children and adults were treated and released from the hospital. Auto accidents can cause a range of injuries and some injuries may not become present until after the accident. In addition to physical injuries, accidents can also cause emotional injury, which can become more prevalent when children are involved in the accident. An experienced attorney can help an injured assess the accident and determine possible damages. Source: Pocono Record, "39 Henryville campers slightly hurt in crash," Chad Smith, June 29, 2012