Distracted driving can lead to car accidents. This is not a new a new topic or occurrence in New Jersey. A New Jersey county has acknowledged this ongoing issue and is implementing a new approach to reduce the amount of distracted driving and related car accidents. Local authorities have created a novel approach to engage residents to become aware of the results of distracted driving. A New Jersey county is challenging its residents to not use their cellphones while operating their motor vehicles. The local authorities are promoting this resident challenge in an effort to reduce the amount of car accidents that are caused by distracted driving. The challenge asks drivers to not use their cellphones to text or make calls while operating their vehicles. The local prosecutor's office reports that New Jersey residents who are interested in participating in the challenge are required to view a documentary regarding the challenge by April 15, 2012. After the participant has viewed the documentary, the participant will be asked to respond to a questionnaire and take an electronic pledge. In addition to the benefit of gaining knowledge about cellphone use while driving and practicing safer driving, there is another incentive for local residents who participate in the challenge. On April 16, all of the participants will be eligible for a drawing. As a result of the drawing, three participants will receive a new iPad for participating in the challenge. The challenge signifies the end of an educational campaign to encourage safer driving. The results of this novel approach to reduce car accidents are still pending. Source: nj.com, "Somerset County officials ask motorists to pledge to stop using cell phones while driving," Eugene Paik, March 19, 2012