A New Jersey apartment building is again the subject for a fire. Though no one was injured in this particular fire, firefighters had to do all they can to protect the residents safety and belongings. This same complex was the subject of a previous fire in July where one of the buildings literally burned to the ground. Residents were understandably upset that another fire needed to be attended to in the same area. Premises liability litigation does come about when conditions are ripe for accidents or fires to occur, and the owners of the premises do an inadequate job of preventing such incidents from occurring. The number one obligation of owners of apartment buildings is ensuring that its residents are safe. Though residents have control over their own actions, they do not have control over other residents in the building or the conditions of the building in which they reside. Unfortunately, such owners collect rent from such residents without inspecting the premises, making sure all smoke alarms are operational, and insure that such premises are not overpopulated leading to a risk of a blaze. Building owners and management often save on money by failing to keep a building up to code, but such a practice can be a recipe for disaster. Probably little can be as disruptive to the lives of residents as an apartment fire. Attorneys understand the risks at stake which can lead to property loss, financial hardship to severe and debilitating injuries. These attorneys can hold property owners and management liable by showing there was a disregard for safety. Source: Woodbridge Patch, "Seven Weeks Later, Another Fire Lights Up Woodbridge Village," by Deborah Bell, September 1, 2012