A New Jersey actor was paralyzed during an accident at a theme park while playing a part in a Western drama. What happened was that real bullets were used in the staging rather than blanks. After the shooting, the actor was placed in a medically-induced coma and is currently suffering paralysis to his right arm and leg. He also has difficulty speaking and has been forced to live in a group home because of his injuries. Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis are seldom reversible. The owner of the theme park is facing a number of criminal charges because of what occurred. As a part of a plea agreement the park has been forced to implement a number of safety precautions concerning the bringing of unauthorized weapons into the park. Obviously, criminal charges against the theme park owner are going to do little to help the injured man. The actor will likely require medical treatment and rehabilitative therapy for the remainder of his life. He will also need assistance with everyday tasks such as laundry and cooking. Even just moving around a premise will be difficult for him and he will probably need assistance up and down the stairs. Though personal injury lawsuits brought against the responsible parties will never be able to change what has already taken place, lawyers filing such lawsuits can at least help the injured person receive the care that they need. The injured person may also be able to receive the type of help that will reduce the suffering and pain caused by the injuries. Source: Coaster-net, "Justice Found for Park Actor Left Paralyzed After Accident," by Tori Finlay, April 15, 2012