Drivers often will get behind the wheel when they actually do not feel physically up to the task. A recent New Jersey car accident that resulted in the deaths of two college students likely came about because of driver fatigue. The accident occurred at 4:00 p.m. on Interstate 78 in Hunterdon County while the students were driving their car on the way back to college in Ohio. The students had come to New Jersey to celebrate a New Year's Eve celebration in New York City. The driver likely fell asleep while driving along the interstate as the car was later found after the crash in a cluster of trees. The accident does need to be thoroughly investigated. It's almost always difficult to determine if a single individual was at fault or if a number of factors contributed to the accident. Time of day, visibility, and the possibility of inattentive driving may just be a few of the possible causes that contributed to this accident. Whatever the circumstances, the individuals killed in the crash were 20 and 21-year old college students. The suddenness of losing someone as young as these two individuals can make such a circumstance almost unendurable for the family members. Whether fault can or cannot be determined, there still is the matter of medical expenses, funeral costs, and/or loss of financial support for those dependent on the individual killed in such an accident. Costs that accrue due to such an accident cannot be understated. Friends and relatives may not understand what their options are under such circumstances, and financial ramifications of an accident may be the last thing that a family is focused on when such an accident does occur. Source: The Lantern, "2 Ohio State students dead from NJ car accident," by Chelsea Spears and Chelsea Castle, Jan. 4, 2012