Multiple vehicle accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries to many people. Often in a multiple vehicle accident, the person who was actually in a collision with another vehicle may not be the person who initiated the chain events that caused the injury-causing collision. Investigators in New Jersey are currently working to determine the cause of a recent car accident that took the life of one person and injured others. The multiple car accident recently occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike. The multiple car accident involved five vehicles, caused several injuries, extensive property damage and one fatality. The accident began when the first driver lost control of his Jeep and sideswiped a Toyota. After the Jeep hit the Toyota, the Jeep rear-ended a Honda. The collision between the Jeep and the Honda caused the Jeep to overturn and caused the Honda to collide with a second Jeep. The collision between the Honda and the second Jeep caused the Honda to careen into a Nissan and caused the second Jeep to spin out and lose control. Between the several collisions, there were at least two people sent to the hospital for serious injuries. While the injuries were described as being non-life-threatening, it is unclear at this point what their condition is. The two injured people were 71 and 80 years old; even a "minor" injury at this age can cause serious complications. Medical personnel confirmed that one of the drivers lost his life as a result of the injuries. The multiple car accident involved five vehicles and caused serious injuries to two and the death of another. Multiple car accidents can quickly become complex situations, which make a determination of who is responsible for the injuries and property damage incurred by the individuals involved in the accident something that should be done by a person familiar with these cases. An experience attorney can help a victim of a multiple car accident seek compensation by determining who is ultimately responsible for causing their injuries -- whether it is one person or several. Source: "Man who died in crash on New Jersey Turnpike Extension in Jersey City is identified, police say," Ron Zeitlinger, June 6, 2012