New Jersey roadways are regularly the location for motor vehicle accidents. The motor vehicles involved in the accidents include any type of vehicle that is present on the roadway, and often some of the most horrific injuries occur to a person on a motorcycle. Unfortunately motorcycle accidents usually cause significant physical injury to anyone who was operating or riding on a motorcycle during an accident. A motorcycle accident recently occurred on a New Jersey roadway earlier this week. The motorcycle accident began when something caused the driver of the two-wheeled vehicle to lose control. The motorcycle slipped onto its side and slid into oncoming traffic. Once the motorcycle was in the opposite traffic lane, the motorcycle was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Reports indicate the motorcycle had stopped in the oncoming traffic lane and the car that was traveling in the corresponding lane collided with the motorcycle. The report further states the car attempted to avoid colliding with the motorcycle, but the driver was unable to avoid a collision. The driver of the motorcycle died from injuries sustained in the accident. The driver of the car was treated for injuries at the accident scene. It is always difficult for a family to deal with a fatal accident. This accident poses a unique situation to determine liability and causation for the accident. At this point it is unclear what made the driver of the motorcycle lose control. Simply because they "lost control" does not mean that the cyclist was at fault in causing the accident. In many accidents, the drivers of cars, trucks and other larger vehicles fail to see a small motorcycle and often change lanes, pass another vehicle or do something that forces a cyclist to swerve. If you or a loved one in injured in an accident, an attorney can ask the right questions and look at the right evidence to determine what compensation you may be eligible for -- especially when the facts are complicated. Source: The Wall Street Journal, "NY man dies in motorcycle accident in northwest NJ," May 27, 2012