Did you know that the majority of the motorcycle accidents that happen every year in New Jersey are actually caused by other drivers, not the drivers of the motorcycles? Reports have shown that this is true in about two-thirds of all two-vehicle crashes. Naturally, these accidents happen in many different ways, but one of the leading causes is when a car or truck turns left in front of a motorcycle, crossing the path of the oncoming bike. This often happens when drivers are distracted or when they simply don't see the small motorcycles. They think that the roads are clear. When a bike hits a larger vehicle in this fashion, the results can be horrific. Most drivers do not have time to stop or even ditch the bike, and they hit the cars at full speed. This can throw riders from the bikes and over the offending vehicles, leading to serious injuries, paralysis and even death. In fact, death is far more common for those on a bike, as it's been found that it's 26 percent more likely that a rider on a motorcycle will pass away in a crash than the driver of a car. These vehicles collide at the same speed, but cars have far more mass, more safety devices and a cage to protect the drivers, while bikers are exposed and bear the full brunt of the accidents -- which are most often not even their fault. Have you lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash? If so, please take a look at our page today.