Pedestrians have the right to walk alongside roads, and a part of driver responsibility is to be aware not only of the road ahead, but the road to the side to prevent serious car accidents from happening. When an auto-pedestrian accident occurs one party is certainly more at risk for injury than the other, and the results are often deadly. According to a Tri-State Transportation Campaign report, Route 46 -- amongst a few others -- is one of the deadliest roads in northern New Jersey for pedestrians. Tri-State Transportation Campaign is a not for profit watchdog group that gathered data from northern New Jersey and found that several roads put pedestrians at a heightened risk for injury or death. Some of these roads even have designated sidewalks for pedestrians. The other roads included in the list were Routes 1 and 9 in Union County, Routes 1 and 35 in Middlesex, Route 28 in Union and Route 9 in Monmouth. The accident data collected from the group was from the years 2008 through 2010. The purpose of the research survey was to raise awareness about pedestrian safety in the hopes that more will be done to make roads safer. An advocate with the group said that the data helped show that many roads were "not designed with pedestrians in mind." Yet, pedestrians walk many of these roads on a frequent basis especially with the rising costs of gas prices. No matter how safe the roads become, auto-pedestrians may still occur. When they do, the law provides victims with a way to hold a negligent party responsible for their actions and provide the victim with the compensation necessary to move forward. Source: Daily Record, "Older NJ highways deadliest for pedestrians," March 7, 2012