The sad truth is that most of us have driven past at least one serious accident in our lives, some many more. We may travel past the scene of a serious collision and gawk at the debris scattered across the road. We may notice a tire that has been detached from a vehicle or a piece of metal we wouldn't think could bet twisted that way. We may even see a stretcher being hauled away by paramedics. We may wonder about the people involved in the accident and even feel grateful that it wasn't us. While we are driving by wondering about the accident, the victims of the accident could have been any one of us. The likelihood that any individual could be in an accident is much higher than most people think. Just recently traffic was backed up in Mannington Township as crews tried to remove the debris from a very serious motorcycle accident that occurred this month. The motorcycle could be seen lying across the center of the road, with parts that had been dislocated from the vehicle during the collision with a car strewn across the roadway. The driver of that car was not injured in the accident, but the rider on the motorcycle was thrown from the smaller vehicle. The rider was quickly rushed to the hospital, but the extent of his or her injuries or whether or not the rider even survived was unclear from the report. The investigation lasted from the time of the accident at around 7:00 and well into the night before the scene was cleared and the evidence was moved to a different location. Source:, "Motorcycle, car collide in Mannington Township; cyclist believed seriously injured," March 4, 2013