Blame has yet to be assigned in a New Jersey car crash that sent a motorcyclist to the hospital to treat his myriad of injures. Police continue to investigate the accident, which involved a 23-year-man from Whiting, New Jersey, who was riding a motorcycle, and a 85-year-old man from Beachwood, New Jersey who was driving a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon. The crashed occurred at the intersection of Route 571 and Route 547. The two parties involved in the accident were traveling opposite directions on Route 547 - the motorcycle heading southbound and the Tiburon northbound. The car was about to turn onto Route 571 when the two collided. First responders rushed to the scene to provide aid. The driver of motorcycle was airlifted to the hospital suffering from a number of fractures and internal injuries. He was equipped with appropriate head gear, which could have potentially saved his life in the crash. The elderly man in the accident was not injured. The nature of this accident is fairly common as over half of motorcycle crashes that involve other vehicles have occurred at an intersection. Also over half of the time, the accident is a result of the driver not seeing a motorcyclist. Nationwide, motorcycle fatalities are on the rise. New Jersey saw 377 deaths from motorcycle accidents on its highways between 2003 and 2007. Source: Ashbury Park Press, "Manchester man, 23, hurt in motorcycle crash," Oct 2011.