A horrific accident happened in Rutherford, New Jersey, when a man was crushed to death by a shipping container while still in his car. He died right at the scene of the accident. Now, the driver of the truck that had been carrying the container is going to get multiple summonses because the fault in the accident has been placed on him by the authorities. The crash happened when the truck driver hit an overpass. It appears that the bridge was about eight inches lower than the container that the man was carrying. The overpass threw the container from the back of the truck, and it landed on the car that was driving near the semi, resulting in the death. Those involved with the case are now saying that the driver needed to know how high the truck was, and he needed to know if it would fit under any overpasses that were along his route. In that sense, they are saying the death is his fault. The man who died was from Bronxville, New Jersey, and he was 39 years old. The truck driver is 50 years old. However, the summonses at this time are for equipment violations and motor vehicle violations. The authorities do not think there are going to be more serious charges in the future. The overpass was for West Orient Way, where it crosses Route 3. The accident took place right around 2 p.m., and the other driver was behind the wheel of a 2014 Honda. When a truck accident takes lives, those who are left behind must know what legal rights they have to compensation. It can't bring the deceased back, but it can help with lost wages, funeral expenses and much more. Source: WABC-TV, "Driver of tractor-trailer in fatal Rutherford crash will be issued multiple summonses," June 11, 2015