A New Jersey museum is being sued for a slip and fall accident after the plaintiff had fallen on the museum's steps and broke both of his wrists. The plaintiff alleges that the steps were covered with leaves and other debris making it difficult to determine where to step down. Though the museum was apparently closed at the time that the accident occurred, a sign allegedly was on display stating that the museum was open for tours. Though the borough for which the museum was located was dismissed as a defendant, those running the museum remain as defendants in the lawsuit. When attorneys inspect the premises where these types of accidents occur, they are going to make determinations if conditions on the premises that possibly led to a slip and fall accident could easily have been corrected. Brushing leaves off of the steps or shoveling snow off of the sidewalk are chores that can often be performed in a matter of minutes. Also, determinations will need to be made as to whether such an accident is foreseeable. If many individuals would be walking up the steps or sidewalk and if conditions made it likely that such an accident could occur, there's a good chance that the owner of the premises was negligent in its care. As this accident demonstrates, injuries involved in such slip and falls can often be serious in nature. Depending on the nature of one's occupation, two broken wrists could mean weeks or even months of absence from the job. Such injuries can often be quite painful and debilitating requiring the injured party to hire on additional services to perform those daily tasks that the individual otherwise could perform himself. Source: Hunterton Review, "Union Forge sued in slip-and-fall lawsuit," by Camilla Sommers, Jan. 21, 2012