Earlier, a lawsuit was filed against a New Jersey museum for injuries that were the result of a slip and fall accident. The person who was injured filed the lawsuit after falling on steps on the museum's property. As a result of the fall the injured man and now plaintiff incurred two broken wrists. The New Jersey Museum Association and 10 additional unidentified people have been named as defendants in the slip and fall lawsuit. The original accident occurred in January 2010, but the trial was scheduled and rescheduled again for May 12, 2012. One of the primary issues related to the slip and fall accident is the responsibility of cleaning the steps where the accident occurred. The accident occurred on the sidewalk in front of the Museum Association's leased property. The sidewalk is the property of the borough, who is also a named defendant. The borough defendant has filed a counter-claim stating the Museum Association's lease requires the Museum Association to maintain the sidewalk. The counter-claim seeks removal of the borough's liability and associated litigation cost. In January 2012, the court dismissed all liability claims against the borough. In that same hearing, the court denied summary judgments that were filed by the plaintiff and defendant. This court history shows the complex nature of some of these lawsuits, which is why it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side to sort out the negligence. So why file a complex lawsuit for two broken wrists? Think of an average day. Think about what you do when you get up, when you are getting your children ready for school or making breakfast. Think about simple things like washing your hair. We have not even passed 9 a.m. and our wrists have already gotten a serious workout. Now imagine having them in a cast for several weeks. How would your life change? Source: Nj.com, "Trial in trip and fall case at High Bridge's Solitude House adjourned until May," Lillian Shupe, March 29, 2012