It's July. It's hot. The kids are home all day, which is why pools across the nation are simply filling with kids whether it is a community center pool or one found in a private backyard. But as you send your child off to swim, keep in mind that some slippery swimming pool surfaces are there and are dangerous. While pool owners have a duty to ensure that they do not become dangerous, it is a duty that is often overlooked. A child's wading pool much like the ones found across New Jersey was recently closed down for several days after parents complained that they were seeing too many kids slip and fall in the water filled area. The specific pool was a wading pool with a child's jungle gym in the center with water spouts, spickets and sprays. Essentially, there is a lot of water around which can make slippery surfaces even more dangerous. A number of parents reported seeing children slip and fall both in the water and around it. Some even made their children wear aqua socks with treads on the bottom. One parent said that she watched a child of around the age of three or four fall and "hit his head pretty hard." A young child who becomes unconscious can drown in even an inch or two of water. According to a park district spokesperson, the problem was with the paint surface. To correct the problem, the pool was drained and the surface was sanded down to make it more slip-resistant. Slippery surfaces are not the only danger around swimming pools. Other dangerous conditions that lead to injuries and are often found around the pool include broken glass, poolside debris like toys and improper security devices or unmarked deep or shallow areas. Source: Northbrook Patch, "Children's Play Area Temporarily Closed After Parent's Complain," Stan Golovchuck, June 14, 2012