We've previously written about pelvic mesh lawsuits that are being tried throughout the nation. Johnson & Johnson, one of the primary manufacturers of such surgical mesh, recently announced their plans to stop marketing and selling such products. The company recently sent a letter to judges in New Jersey and another state announcing this intention. These particular judges were singled out by Johnson & Johnson since such judges were overseeing products liability suits involving such surgical mesh. Johnson & Johnson stated the company was discontinuing the manufacture of such mesh due to business reasons rather than the safety of the product. The company continues to maintain the mesh products are safe, and that it has no intention of performing a formal recall of the product. Approximately 75,000 women had surgery with such mesh inserted during the past year. Though Johnson & Johnson denies that such mesh is defective, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had reported a large number of physical complaints experienced by women that had such surgical implants. More than half of these same women have required follow up surgeries to have such mesh removed. One woman had as many as 17 surgeries performed concerning problems caused by the mesh. Left alone, such companies sometimes will continue to manufacture products that are likely defective or dangerous. Whatever Johnson & Johnson may assert, products liability suits brought by clients and their attorneys is likely what led to the decision to quit making the product. Often government agencies, like the FDA, will not take action until such entities become aware that various lawsuits are being filed in the courts. Source: Bloomberg Businessweek, "J&J to stop selling pelvic mesh tied to lawsuits," by Matthew Perrone, June 5, 2012