If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by an Uber vehicle, or if you were a passenger in an Uber that got into an accident, you may be entitled to claim compensation for injuries or property damage you suffered in the accident from Uber itself. New Jersey law requires Uber to provide certain levels of insurance coverage for its drivers when they are driving for the service. After you’ve been in an Uber accident, how do you go about filing an accident report with Uber to begin the claims process?

Collect Information

The first step in filing an accident report with Uber after an auto accident involves collecting information you will need for your report. This includes taking down the name of the Uber driver and the names and contact information for any other drivers involved in the accident. Also, talk to any eyewitnesses who may have seen the accident to get their contact information as well. 


At the accident scene, you should use your cell phone to take photos of the scene, including details such as the damage suffered by each of the vehicles in the crash, any debris or marks in the roadway, the traffic controls, and weather and lighting conditions. You should also photograph any visible injuries you suffered.

Finally, you should make sure to see a doctor as soon as possible after the accident to diagnose your injuries and begin creating a medical record to support your claim.

Contact Uber

Once you have gathered information about the accident and the injuries and vehicle or property damage you have suffered, you can file your accident claim with Uber. The easiest way to report an accident to Uber is through the mobile application. Under the “Help” tab on the mobile app, there is a “More” option that will allow you to click on the “Legal” tab, which will take you to a menu where you can click a link to report a “serious incident involving a driver or vehicle.” From there, you can select the option of “I was in an accident” to be taken to the webpage where you can fill out and send an accident report to Uber. 

Once Uber receives your accident report, it will begin an internal investigation of the crash to determine who was at fault and what the company’s liability may be.

Talk to an Uber Accident Lawyer

After you have notified Uber that you were in an accident, you should speak with an Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible. You may be contacted by the company or insurance representatives from Uber soon after filing your report; they may try to get you to settle your claim for a quick payment. However, this offer rarely represents the full amount of compensation you need and deserve, especially if you don’t yet know the full extent of your injuries. If you have legal representation, you can direct any Uber representatives or insurance adjusters to contact your attorney instead of calling or emailing you directly. Your attorney can then handle your case.

In addition, if Uber delays or denies your claim for compensation, an attorney can reach out to the company to help try to move your claim forward.

Contact a Rochelle Park Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Uber Accident Case in New Jersey

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