Trucks are large, heavy, and difficult to maneuver.  Accidents involving trucks often result in serious injuries and extensive property damage. Recovering financial compensation after a truck accident is vital for easing the economic pressure that results as well as securing the future for you and your loved ones. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help to improve the outcome of your case. 

Many accident victims are concerned about the cost of hiring a professional truck accident lawyer. The good news is that most truck accident lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis. Below, we explain how this works. 

Contingency Fees 

Most truck accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that their fee is taken as a percentage of the payout they recover on behalf of their client. The following are key points to know about contingency fees. 

  • The law firm’s fee will be a percentage of the payout they recover on your behalf. This means that they will not get paid unless they win. You won’t have to pay for their services if they do not win. 
  • The law firm provides the resources and investment required to build the claim on your behalf. This includes paying for investigations, paying fees for expert testimonies, and paying any other fees that are related to the claims process. 
  • The law firm will handle all the work related to making the claim without requiring you to pay upfront for their services. They will handle everything from paperwork and negotiations to representing you in the trial if the need arises. You can therefore have peace of mind and focus on your recovery. 
  • Once they receive the check, the attorneys will deduct the percentage fee that was agreed upon before sending you the rest of the money. It is therefore important to be clear about the percentage fee that will be deducted as the attorney’s fee before hiring the attorney. It is possible to negotiate for a better fee with the attorney. 

Most truck accident lawyers will not ask you to pay anything upfront when you engage them to represent you in your claim. You will therefore not have to pay a retainer or other fees related to your claim. This will allow you to focus your resources on picking up the pieces following your accident. 

Professional Legal Representation Will Improve The Outcome of Your Case 

Many truck accident victims battle with the decision of whether or not to hire an experienced truck accident attorney. The truth is that working with an experienced attorney will improve the outcome of your case. Your attorney will fight on your behalf to recover maximum compensation. They aren’t likely to be intimidated by the insurance company and will not back down when the insurance company resorts to tricks. They know how to build a strong claim to improve your chances of recovering full compensation. 

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