A joyous celebration on New Year’s Eve can quickly turn tragic if you find yourself involved in a car accident. According to the National Safety Council, the New Year’s holiday sees approximately 400 fatalities nationwide. Here are some tips on how to avoid a car accident on New Year’s Eve.

Common Causes of Car Accidents on New Year’s Eve

Here are a few of the most frequent reasons why car accidents occur on New Year’s Eve:

  • Heavy traffic – Especially in cities where people are more likely to be traveling to and from NYE parties
  • Nighttime driving – Car accidents are more likely to occur at nighttime when visibility is reduced and drivers are more likely to be drowsy or fatigued behind the wheel
  • Distracted driving – Especially if drivers are glued to their cell phones trying to make arrangements to get to a holiday party
  • Drunk driving – Many people choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve by imbibing alcohol; unfortunately, some people then make the tragic decision to get behind the wheel while impaired; because people are likely to be driving home during the early morning hours, their intoxication may be compounded by physical tiredness
  • Weather – In New Jersey, the New Year’s holiday can see severe winter weather, which can make the roads even more hazardous beyond the risks posed by nighttime driving or intoxicated and/or drowsy drivers

Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents When Driving on New Year’s Eve

Unfortunately, there are hazards out on the road on New Year’s Eve. However, there are steps you can follow to help reduce your risk of injury:

  • Reduce your speed and increase your following distance when driving at night
  • Avoid looking directly into other vehicles’ headlights; if the headlights of the vehicle behind you make it difficult to see in your rear-view or side mirrors, consider moving or pulling over to allow the other vehicle to pass you
  • Don’t drink and drive; if you plan to consume alcohol for New Year’s Eve, make plans to get home safely, whether that means having a designated driver, calling a taxi or rideshare, taking public transit, or staying over for the night if partying with friends or family
  • If you are hosting a party, make sure that your guests have plans to get home safely
  • Try to get off the road as the evening approaches midnight. After midnight, you are much more likely to encounter intoxicated drivers on the road
  • Have an emergency kit in your vehicle with a first-aid kit, bottled water, blankets, a portable cell phone charger, flashlights and batteries, jumper cables, gloves, and flares or warning triangles
  • Plan ahead by monitoring the weather and traffic; if you can adjust your travel plans to avoid being on the road in adverse weather or heavy traffic, do so; Consider scheduling a rideshare or livery service to get home at the end of the night, so no one feels tempted to try to drive if they have been drinking

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