When car accidents happen in northern New Jersey, the collision is generally between two or more motor vehicles and can cause both property damage and physical injury to those involved in the collision. After the car accident occurs, negligent parties involved may be personally liable for property damages and personal injuries caused during the collision. When all of the parties involved in the accident are accounted for and identified, those injured in the accident can proceed with claims against those responsible for the accident. When a car accident is the result of a hit-and-run incident, the inability to identify the party responsible for the collision can significantly impair a claim for damages in New Jersey. As in all car accidents, the evidence obtained regarding the collision and the related police report can play a crucial role in potential compensation claims by the injured party. The police investigation of the recent hit-and-run car accident helped identify the individual who caused the collision and subsequently fled from the accident scene. Through initial evidence and reports by the injured party and other witnesses, police were able identify the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle. The suspected vehicle was ultimately found at the owner's residence with damage consistent to the type of collision that occurred and it was also leaking fluid that was also found at the scene. The identification of the driver who caused the hit-and-run car accident may allow the injured party to potentially proceed with civil liability claims related to the incident. Source: New Jersey Herald, "Woman charged in hit-and-run crash," Jan. 2, 2013