The New York Jets may have a schedule change after a car accident on New Jersey's Garden State Parkway injured one of their stars. A recent two-vehicle car accident on the New Jersey roadway involved New York Jet's player Muhammad Wilkerson. Muhammad Wilkerson was expected to attend the Jet's training camp next month, but may be more likely recovering from the injuries he sustained in the recent car accident. The Jet's defensive lineman was traveling on the New Jersey roadway this past weekend when the car accident occurred. It was reported that the accident happened when the defensive lineman attempted to change lanes on the Garden State Parkway. When he changed lanes, his car collided with another car. The defensive lineman's car collided with the left rear side of the second vehicle. The collision caused the defensive lineman's car to overturn and land on its roof. The second car involved in the accident was a Toyota Sienna that had 11 people in the vehicle. The defensive lineman incurred injuries from the car accident that resulted in him receiving stitches in both of his forearms. Out of the 11 people that were in the Toyota Sienna, three of the people reported injuries. Car accidents can cause varying degrees of personal injury and property damage. It is common for people who are involved in a less severe car accident to fail to recognize the extent of their injuries immediately following the car accident. These types of car accidents can often cause spinal injury and whiplash. An experienced attorney can ensure that all of the aspects of a car accident are addressed to ensure those injured are property compensated. Source: The Washington Post, "Jets DL Wilkerson suffers minor injuries in car crash in New Jersey," June 25, 2012