A number of months ago, we wrote about a New Jersey actor that was shot in the head by a real bullet when blanks were supposed to have been used. This individual was paralyzed as the result of the accident, but he also suffered a traumatic brain injury as well. Prior to the accidental shooting, the brain injured man had received a bachelor's degree in classical guitar, and he provided music lessons privately and to groups of individuals. Though he has made a certain degree of progress in his recovery, he is not anywhere near where he would like to be as far brain functionality goes. Friends of the injured actor would like his case publicized and are now attempting to raise awareness of brain injuries by hosting an event in the injured man's honor. "I wanted to change all the negative energy into positive energy," one friend said, "and the way to do that is by starting a benefit." There has been little publicity concerning the consequences of brain injuries. The brain is the most important organ that we have, and injuries to the brain are often traumatic and long term, and such injuries result in a large number of unpredictable consequences. It's thought that 12,000 to 15,000 New Jersey residents suffer some form of brain injury every year, and more than a 1,000 of these injuries are fatal. Those that have received brain injuries due to the acts of others may wish to speak to an attorney about what has occurred. Since brain injuries affect everyone close to the person injured, it often takes a professional to communicate the types of damages suffered due to these injuries. Source: The Sparta Independent, "Jammin' for brain injury victims," by Alexis Tarrazi, Sep. 11, 2012