Growing old is difficult. No one wants to admit that hearing loss is creeping in, that they need to increase their prescription for their glasses or that they have started forgetting simple things. On the opposite end, children are reluctant to take away an ailing parent's keys even when they see the symptoms seeping in that make the aging parent an unsafe driver. Children respect their parents, but when does safety outweigh respect? This past week, an elderly driver accidentally backed his vehicle onto a sidewalk filled with children. In the collision, 11 of the youth were injured. What shocked those in the area was that the 100-year-old driver had a valid driver's license. The accident occurred at an elementary school on Wednesday, Aug. 29. School had just let out and the sidewalks were filled with kids. A witness at the scene said that the elderly driver was "not paying attention." He reversed the massive Cadillac, unaware that he was backing up onto a sidewalk filled with children. The witness said that bystanders began pounding on the windows, screaming at the elderly driver, but that he didn't hear or see any of it and continued to reverse. Adult parents and school officials began frantically pulling children away and out from beneath the car. The elderly gentleman had reversed into the children for three long seconds before stopping. A total of 11 children were injured, and four of them suffered severe injuries that left them in critical condition. While doctors were able to stabilize the four children, the damage had already been done to everyone who witnessed the horrific accident. Source: AOL Autos, "100 Year Old Driver Plows Into Group Of Children, Injures 11," Aug. 30, 2012
  • If you or your child has been injured in a pedestrian accident, our Paramus hit by car page provides information about your option for full and just compensation.