No one expects to have a car accident, even though most of us drive or ride inside vehicles each and every day. Unfortunately, car accidents happen all the time, often causing more harm than victims realize. If people experience a car accident and strike their head, even if they do not remember this happening, they may suffer from some form of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Moderate and severe cases of TBI are frightening, but fairly simple to identify, because the symptoms are usually obvious. Moderate or severe TBIs often mean a victim is extremely disoriented or has trouble remaining conscious, or may even mean coma or death for the victim. In contrast, mild TBIs can cause great damage, but are much harder to identify and diagnose. If left untreated, a victim of a mild TBI may see his or her entire life unravel before the symptoms subside. Many relatively small symptoms may aggregate to cause serious issues, wreaking havoc in personal and professional relationships. If you believe you may have a mild TBI, please seek medical attention as soon as possible. The sooner you act, the sooner you can take control of your own recovery. You may also want to consult with an experienced attorney to determine if your experience is grounds for a personal injury lawsuit to pursue fair compensation for your losses and medical expenses. An experienced attorney will ensure that your rights remain secure as you pursue justice. One injury, many symptoms Because the brain is essentially the control center for every function of our bodies as well as our consciousness, any injury to this organ can produce wildly diverse results. Those who suffer from brain injuries may express that injury in many different ways. Some mild TBIs cause victims to experience ongoing headaches that persist for hours or days. Others may experience bouts of nausea, or, in some cases, seizures. These are fairly extreme symptoms, but they do occur regularly. Other symptoms are even more subtly destructive. A victim may experience great difficulty focusing on his or her work, and tasks that were once simple to complete may now seem impossible. Similarly, victims often have very short tempers, both with themselves and those around them. Add to this the likelihood that a mild TBI may scramble up some of the victim's ability to comprehend words and sentences that he or she reads or hears, and you may have a real disaster on your hands. Imagine if every time you read something or had a conversation with someone, you misunderstood something. Mild TBI sufferers experience this all the time. It is no wonder that the careers and families of mild TBI victims suffer so greatly. Mild TBIs can easily persist for up to a year if left untreated. If you or someone you love may have a mild TBI, please seek professional medical help as soon as possible.