A Blairstown, New Jersey man was recently killed while in a motorcycle accident. The motorcyclist was killed at an intersection when a car making a left-hand turn ran into the motorcycle. The driver of the car stated that he did not see the motorcycle rider when he made the left turn. When the motorcycle was struck, the rider was then thrown from his motorcycle and onto the grass. The motorcyclist was killed at the scene of the accident. What is startling about this accident is how ordinary the story appears. The accident happened on a Saturday during the middle of the afternoon at an intersection. The most significant aspect of this story is that the driver of the car did not see the motorcyclist, but this seems almost commonplace because this happens in so many other motorcycle fatalities as well. Drivers do not pay adequate attention to other motorcycles sharing the road with them. Drivers often assume a motorcycle is not present because they do not see them in their mirrors or check out every blind spot. Sometimes drivers go through stop signs without closely checking to see if a motorcycle is approaching the intersection. In this particular instance, the motorcyclist was struck by another vehicle. Yet no matter how simple such an accident is, severe injuries or fatalities to the motorcycle will often be the ultimate result. Family members of those killed in motorcycle accidents will then need all of the assistance and counseling that they can get due to a needless loss. Source: Pocono Record, "NJ man killed in motorcycle crash," Jan. 16, 2012