Car accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away from them believing that nothing more than a bumper or two suffered serious harm. However, in many cases, individuals who experience car accidents suffer delayed onset injuries that take days or weeks to cause pain or disorientation. If you recently experienced a car accident and now have some pain developing, it is always wise to receive professional medical care to determine the cause of the pain and identify the causes of the pain. While some delayed onset injuries are nothing serious, several can worsen into very serious conditions, and even turn fatal if left untreated. Once you receive proper treatment, you can consult with an experienced attorney to explore your avenues for pursuing fair compensation for your injuries and ensure that your medical costs don't affect you unfairly. Beware of abdominal pain after a car accident There are a number of different kinds of pain that you may experience after an accident, but if you feel pain or swelling in your abdomen, you must seek out professional medical attention immediately. Abdominal pain or swelling often means that you have some internal bleeding or even organ damage, and if you do not obtain proper treatment soon, the condition may turn fatal. Even if you do not entirely know how your plan to pay for the treatment, be sure to seek out medical care today, if possible. Head, neck and back injuries Other delayed onset injuries are rarely fatal, but they can develop into quite serious problems without proper attention. Many problems stem from damage to the spinal column, which holds the nerves that travel to all other parts of your body. Should one or more discs in your spine shift or herniate, they may pinch nerves, causing sharp or radiating pain, or even numbness and tingling in your limbs. This can greatly affect your ability to perform many types of work and enjoy even normal day-to-day functionality. The muscle groups in and around your shoulders and upper and lower back can also suffer from a car accident without expressing main for several days or more. This pain may range from general soreness to serious loss of functionality, especially in the lower back. If you suffered a blow to your head during the accident, you may have a mild brain injury. Mild brain injuries are still quite a serious matter, and can cause ongoing headaches or even seizures. Furthermore, such an injury can lead to significant shifts in your personality and even losses of cognitive function. Whatever type of delayed onset pain you feel, do not hesitate to seek out professional medical care. Once you address your immediate medical needs, you can consult with an attorney to ensure that your rights remain secure as you pursue a fair resolution to your injuries.