A number of instances of wrongful termination involve the proverbial pink slip. An official termination is not the only way that an employee can be wrongfully forced out of their job. Sadly, another way in which employees are forced out of their job by their employer is through the creation of a hostile work environment. Many employees who quit their jobs in such a way are unaware that they may be eligible for compensation through an employment law claim. A New Jersey woman and ex-NBA employee recently filed a lawsuit against her employer. In her case, she was not directly asked to leave, but instead suffered gender discrimination to such a level that it pushed her out the door. She claimed that she was not the only one who suffered and is seeking $3 million in damages through the lawsuit that she hopes will help correct the discriminatory procedures. According to the former senior account executive, the gender discrimination was specifically directed at herself and two other mothers with young children. For the account executive, the first portion of the decade she spent working for the NBA was positive. She excelled in her job until she had a child. Just after she celebrated the first birthday of her child, she was forced to resign. Childcare has become incredibly expensive, and while on maternity leave, the NBA changed its hourly demands, asking women with young children to work late into the evening without a true business need. This placed an additional undue burden of extended child-care costs at high rates. Those women who tried to keep up with the pace were also overlooked for promotions and discriminated against in pay the lawsuit claims. Source: The Washington Post, "Ex-NBA employee files $3M gender discrimination NY lawsuit, saying NBA is unfair to mothers," Oct. 23, 2012 Being a working mother is tough enough without having to suffer discrimination due to your choice to have children. Our New Jersey law firm helps mothers who have suffered employment discrimination due to their gender.