You may be surprised to learn that the rates of DUI and drunk driver-involved automobile crashes go up during the summer months. With more people out on the road going on vacation or simply traveling around town and more events that may involve alcohol, drunk driving poses a real risk during the summer. 

Why Drunk Driving Rates Increase in the Summer

There are several factors why the rates of intoxicated driving and drunk driving accidents increase during the summer. These include:

  • More social events are held during the summer where alcohol may be served, including graduation parties, weddings, family reunions, and barbecues and picnics
  • People tend to travel for vacation during the summer, which means that vacationers may be more inclined to “let loose” and imbibe more alcohol than they otherwise normally would
  • More drinking takes place outdoors, where people may be less focused on how much alcohol they are consuming as they may drink faster for refreshment in warm weather

Summer Holidays and Drunk Driving

Summer holidays also have an impact on drunk driving. Holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day are opportunities for people to gather and party, which may mean excessive alcohol consumption. People may go to barbecues or festivals on these holidays and then drive home in the evening while they are still intoxicated. In fact, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day see some of the highest rates of drunk driving accidents compared to all other days in the year. 

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured by a Drunk Driver

If you have been involved in an auto accident with another driver that you know or suspect to have been intoxicated at the time of the crash, the steps you need to take to protect your legal rights and options for obtaining compensation for your injuries and losses include:

  • Contact the police after the crash. Do not let the other driver attempt to talk you out of involving law enforcement. Instead, let the police handle the other driver if you know or suspect that they are drunk.
  • Take photos and video of the accident scene with your cell phone, if you are able to do so. Make sure to document details such as damage to the vehicles involved in the crash, skid marks or debris on the road, traffic signals at the scene, and any visible injuries you may have sustained.
  • Make sure to get a copy of the police accident report afterward, which will have important information such as the other driver’s contact and insurance information.
  • See a doctor as soon as possible to get checked for injuries you may have suffered in the crash, and make sure to follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations and instructions.
  • Keep copies of bills and invoices for expenses that you incurred due to the accident, including medical treatment and vehicle repair.
  • Collect your pay stubs or income tax returns to document your lost wages if you miss time from work because of your injuries.

Finally, make time to speak to a personal injury lawyer soon after the accident to get started on pursuing compensation from the at-fault drunk driver. 

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