Undergoing any kind of surgery includes some risk, even if the procedure itself is not considered very risky. Many patients go in for routine procedures and emerge with even greater problems than before, while others may simply trade one malady for another, or may suffer serious long-term consequences for the error. Depending on the nature of the error and the complications it creates, victims may not only face medical concerns, but may find themselves unable to work or function in other areas of their life. If you or someone you love recently experienced a surgical error, it is always wise to consider your legal options. With a clear, well-built legal strategy, you can focus on recovering from the error while keeping your rights and privileges secure. Surgical errors come in many forms The term "surgical error" is fairly broad, and applies to many more injuries than some victims realize. These mistakes can occur during the surgery itself, or may result from poor planning or communication before and after the surgery. Some of the most common kinds of errors are retained foreign objects and post-surgery infections. Whether a surgeon accidentally leaves a sponge or other tool in a patient, or simply fails to properly clean the tools and surgery site before and during the procedure, these kinds of mistakes occur more often than any hospital might care to admit. However, the potential for unintended harm from surgery does not end there. In some instances, patients who are not secured properly may fall of the operating table, leading to potentially catastrophic harm. These falls are very serious, not least because they occur when the patient is truly at their most vulnerable state. Sometimes surgical errors occur because of poor communication between parties serving the patient. This can lead to incorrect medication dosage or prescription, or may even result in a patient undergoing wrong-site surgery or surgery intended for another patient entirely. While this idea is occasionally used to comedic effect in movies and TV, where a patient might wake up with their hands on the wrong arms, the seriousness of wrong patient or wrong site surgery is difficult to overstate. Don't wait for a just resolution Surviving a surgical error is difficult and painful enough on its own. There is no reason to put off receiving full compensation for your losses and prolonging your economic suffering as well. Do not hesitate to explore all your legal options to ensure that you clearly understand the outcome you deserve and how to keep your rights protected while you fight for justice.