An ordinary trip to the gas station recently turned into a fatal motorcycle accident for one New Jersey cyclist. The accident occurred near the MetLife Stadium. The events that led up to the accident seemed ordinary, except that the cars involved in the accident were two Ferraris owned by a local company that specializes in sport cars. The Ferraris were traveling down a service road to a local gas station when the drivers of the two Ferraris both lost control of the cars. The driver of car lost control first, but it was when the driver of the second car lost control that the fatal car accident occurred. After the second car lost control, the Ferrari swerved into oncoming traffic and collided head-on with a motorcycle. The motorcyclist died from the injuries he sustained in the head-on collision. Reports indicate the driver of one of the Ferraris involved in the collision received minor injuries. It was not reported whether the driver of the other Ferrari incurred any injures at all. Severe accidents like this one can cause severe trauma to both the victims and their families. It was reported that no charges have been issued in relation to this accident, but that does not mean that no one was responsible for the accident. In wrongful death cases, the party responsible for the accident did not have to intend to cause the accident, but may be responsible for the accident due to careless or reckless driving. The family of the victim of a fatal accident may be entitled to various types of compensation from the accident, which can help the family pay for funeral expenses, compensation for lost income and even the loss of companionship. Source: ABC local, "Motorcyclist killed in New Jersey crash," Lucy Yang, May 13, 2012