Businesses have a duty to keep the floors free and clear of debris that could injure patrons whether it is a solid or a liquid. Slip and fall accidents may not seem like a big deal, but all it takes is a fall at the wrong angle and a person's life can change forever. A delivery man claims that he was injured twice when he slipped and fell on chemicals in a warehouse. The pain has not subsided and the injuries have not healed he said in a lawsuit filed on April 23, 2012. The accident occurred when the man was delivering a load of cable to a communications services company. When he entered the warehouse he asked one of the business representatives where the bathroom was. The representative gave him very specific directions which the deliveryman followed. On the specified route the floors were being stripped. He slipped on some chemicals and injured his groin, knee and back. While lying on the floor, he felt a burning sensation on his skin and realized that he was lying in a pool of chemicals. When the representative learned of the fall, he apologized for forgetting about the floor stripping. The injured delivery man says that the business representatives knew that the floors would be slippery and negligently failed to warn him of the danger. He also claims that the business representatives failed to conduct adequate supervision of the construction zone and the crews. In his lawsuit, he seeks compensation not only for the specific medical costs and lost wages, but for the mental and physical pain he suffered during and after the accident due to ongoing pain and disfigurement. Source: The Record, "Slip on solvent leads to lawsuit," Kelly Holleran, May 17, 2012