Multiple soldiers were injured when they were involved in a car accident on the NJ Turnpike in early May, and one of them passed away from his injuries. He was stateside at the time, but he had reportedly spent time in Afghanistan, working as a commando. The other soldiers, including a driver who was ejected from the vehicle, were given medical treatment and it is expected that they will recover. The accident happened when a convoy of military vehicles was using the turnpike, driving in the left lane. A civilian vehicle came up behind them and decided to pass, trying to move out of that right lane and into the center one. The civilian did not make the maneuver cleanly, clipping the rear end of the soldiers' Humvee. As a result, the Humvee went out of control and left the roadway. It crossed the shoulder and rammed into a tree. The investigation is still continuing, but the civilian behind the wheel of the second car is now facing charges for reckless driving. There was a passenger riding with that driver, and the passenger suffered injuries too, the extent of which were not reported. The solider who passed away had earned a number of medals while serving. One of them was the Bronze Star Medal, which is specifically given out when a solider displays heroism or similar actions while in a combat zone. Have you lost a loved one in a car accident that was caused by a reckless driver? If so, you may have a right to seek financial compensation for your loss. Source:, "'Commando Family' mourns N.Y. soldier who died after Humvee crash," Keith Brown, May. 08, 2015