Prom season is in full swing, and for high school students it is all about the fun. It is all about getting dressed up, going out to dinner, dancing with your friends and traveling there in style. Sadly, for some teenagers their definition of fun includes alcohol and some students feel peer pressured into participating. Whether students drink because they truly want to or because they were pressured into it doesn't matter. If they choose to get behind the wheel of a car, the results can be deadly. Car accidents caused by drunk driving are something that law enforcement officials hope to prevent this prom season. One retired officer took the issue to heart, talking to students at Morristown High School about the dangers of drinking at prom. The discussion took place on April 19, 2012, but Morristown High School was not the first stop on his tour. He has already traveled to schools across the state, including Mount Olive High School, Chatham High School and Montville High School. He plans to keep talking all the way through June in the hopes that at least one teen will heed his warnings. Part of his discussion includes ways for parents to help prevent drunk driving and invites them to join the discussion. He encourages parents to get involved in the planning. They can help their children book limousines or hotels and discuss alcohol policies with these types of vendors. "We just want to make a difference in trying to prevent a tragedy from occurring, and by parents and kids both getting this message at the same time at one of these presentations, I think we have the opportunity to do so," he said. Source: Morristown Patch, "Cop: Prom Should Be Fun, not Dangerous," Lauren Mennen, April 18, 2012