Public workers are often injured on the job due to the negligence or carelessness of other individuals and then have to rely on Workers' Compensation benefits. A recent car crash along the New Jersey turnpike not only killed two individuals riding in a car, it also resulted in the injury to two construction workers on the jobsite. Witnesses told police that a car veered over onto the left shoulder of the turnpike and struck the rear of a vehicle that was on the shoulder with the express purpose of protecting the workers. Though the two construction workers only suffered minor injuries, it would not have been surprising if the accident had turned out to be much worse seeing that two people were already killed in the crash. Workers' Compensation benefits for public workers are available precisely because such workers are often putting their health and life at risk while performing public duties. But though such laws are in place, receiving such benefits is often a part of a complicated process that is difficult to understand. Workers injured may need the help of an attorney experienced in the Workers' Compensation area to more quickly have their claim processed. When workers are injured, they are going to need their medical expenses covered, receive compensation for lost wages, and have the resources available to aid them in their recovery and make certain that they can continue on with their lives. The difficulties that may arise even due to a minor injury on the job should not be understated. Source: The Wall Street Journal, "2 NY residents killed in crash on NJ turnpike," Feb. 5, 2012