If you work in construction, you know that you face very serious dangers each and every day. Construction sites, even when they meet safety standards, contain many opportunities for serious injury to workers in all areas. When a construction worksite injury occurs, workers' compensation insurance steps in to ensure that you receive medical treatment and compensation for your lost income. However, not all workers' compensation insurance providers treat victims fairly. Often, these companies value their own bottom line above the health and wellbeing of victims, and may offer compensation well below what a victim deserves. If you recently suffered a construction injury, you deserve to receive full benefits and compensation for your losses, not just whatever the insurer offers you. With proper legal guidance from an experienced attorney, you can explore all of your options for fair compensation while your attorney ensures that your medical care does not suffer in the process. Don't settle for less than you deserve Workers' compensation insurance is not only meant to protect you as an employee -- it also protects your employer from personal injury suits when an employee suffers an injury. In many cases, the insurance provider knows that the victim needs compensation immediately, so they offer less compensation than the injury deserves. There are a number of types of benefits that a workers' compensation claim should offer, and it is important to understand the benefits you deserve so that you don't miss some important benefit. It is usually easier to obtain full compensation with the guidance of an experienced attorney who understands the nuances of the system. Don't miss key benefits Often the largest benefit a worker receives is coverage for medical expenses related to the injury and recovery. However, many insurers look for ways they can minimize costs by limiting your medical care providers or placing guidelines on what kind of treatment you can pursue and for how long. Proper legal counsel helps you obtain the medical care you truly deserve and ensures that your recovery does not suffer because of greedy insurers. Once you are ready to return to work, it is possible that you require some retraining to enter the workforce. This could be in your existing field, or may cover training to transition you to another type of work if your position is no longer available or your injuries won't allow you to return to your previous position. Workers' compensation also offers benefits to cover a portion any income you lose because of the injury. However, insurers regularly offer significantly less than a full replacement of the lost income. An experienced attorney can help you fight for more fair benefits. Similarly, workers' compensation may offer you a lump sum benefit for any permanent disability your injury leaves you. As with all benefits, none of these figures are set in stone, and with proper guidance you can usually negotiate for better terms.