With summer allowing for more work to be done outside, the season often sees an increase in the number of work accidents and injuries. Here are the most common summertime workplace accidents and injuries: 

Frequent Summer Workplace Accidents

The rate of workplace falls, including slip and falls, trip and falls, falls from heights, and falling object accidents goes up during the summer. While fall accidents can occur at any time of year, because summer coincides with the construction season, the rate of fall accidents goes up for the summer. Construction sites often create the perfect conditions for slip/trip-and-fall accidents, falls from heights, and falling object accidents, with construction workers often required to traverse rough and hazardous ground, to work up on scaffolding and roofs, and to lift construction materials up to buildings under construction. 

The rate of work-related motor vehicle accidents also increases, as rates of car crashes tend to go up during the summer months as a general rule. Summer can introduce new hazards onto the roads, including road works, teen drivers, and visiting motorists who may be unfamiliar with the area. With employees often visiting client sites or traveling on the road for work during the summer, workers can face increased risks of getting into car accidents on the job. 

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Common Summertime Workplace Accidents and Injuries You Need to Know About 

Soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains, and tears represent one of the most common work injuries during the summer. This can likely be attributed to all the construction work that takes place over the summer, which frequently causes soft-tissue injuries for construction workers. Other common injuries that occur during the summer include lacerations, abrasions, and puncture wounds.

Other summer-specific injuries that employees suffer at work include:

  • Dehydration - Dehydration occurs when your body doesn’t have sufficient fluids and electrolytes. It is often caused by working or being active in the heat for extended periods of time without drinking enough water and replenishing electrolytes. Symptoms of dehydration include fatigue, dizziness, headache, and dark-colored urine.
  • Heat stroke - Heat stroke is a potentially fatal condition that involves your body overheating due to exposure to high temperatures, with your body unable to keep up through its natural cooling mechanisms. Like dehydration, heat stroke is caused by spending long hours under a hot sun. Symptoms include dizziness, confusion, nausea, and increased heart rate. 
  • Sunburn - Sunburn can be caused by extended direct exposure to the summer sun’s damaging UV rays, especially without adequate sunscreen or other skin protection. While a sunburn usually just causes painful skin redness, more severe cases can cause blisters or swelling, indicative of a second-degree burn. Sunburns can also cause long-term damage that increases the risk of developing skin cancers. 

How an Attorney Can Help If You Are Injured in a Workplace Accident

If you suffer a work-related injury during the summer, a workers’ compensation attorney can help you to understand your legal rights and options under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system and can help you pursue a formal claim for benefits from your employer or its workers’ compensation insurer. 

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