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Warmer weather often encourages people to walk for recreation, exercise, or simply to get around. Unfortunately, the increase in the number of pedestrians during the summer also means an increase in pedestrian accidents. Below are some of the most common types of pedestrian accidents that occur during the summer.

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Crosswalk Accidents

Many pedestrian accidents occur while a pedestrian is crossing through a crosswalk. Crosswalk accidents occur either because a driver failed to yield to a pedestrian, or a pedestrian failed to yield to traffic. Pedestrians typically have the right of way to cross at crosswalks and intersections that are not controlled by traffic lights, however, they are required to obey signals at crosswalks and intersections and to yield to approaching vehicular traffic. 

Pedestrians can help protect themselves from a crosswalk accident by obeying lights and signals and confirming that no vehicles are approaching before entering the crosswalk. At dusk, dawn, or nighttime, pedestrians should also make sure to wear light colored clothing and carry a lantern or flashlight to make themselves more visible to motorists.

Reversing Accidents

Pedestrians, particularly younger children, can fall victim to an accident where a vehicle backs up into them. These accidents most frequently occur in parking lots and in driveways. Drivers should always look at both their mirrors and rear-view camera and also physically turn around to confirm if anything is behind their vehicle before beginning to reverse. Pedestrians should also be alert when crossing behind a vehicle and exercise caution if a driver looks like they are getting ready to reverse. Young children should also be reminded to never play behind a parked car and to exercise caution when crossing other people’s driveways.

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Speeding often causes or contributes to pedestrian accidents. If crossing the street or road as a pedestrian, you should always assume that a driver will not stop for you. If you see an oncoming vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, you should let that vehicle go past you, even if you have the right of way to cross.

Drunk Driving

Intoxicated driving also causes or contributes to pedestrian accidents, as an intoxicated driver is less likely to notice a pedestrian or to react in time to slow down and yield to someone crossing the road or intersection. Intoxicated drivers may also be more likely to run stop signs and red lights. As with a speeding driver, if you see an approaching vehicle that looks like it may be operated by an intoxicated driver -- for example, if the vehicle swerves or keeps drifting out of its lane -- you should let the driver pass before attempting to cross.

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