City municipal workers are often exposed to dangers on the job because other drivers on the road fail to pay close attention to their presence. A sanitation worker from New Rochelle, right across the New Jersey border, was injured when a driver attempted to drive around the sanitation truck while striking the sanitation worker. The injured worker was taken to the hospital with an apparent broken leg. Though the worker's injuries were listed as serious, it is fortunate that the injuries were not even more severe. The work-related accident is now being investigated by city officials. Because of the suddenness of such accidents and the seriousness of the consequences when accidents do occur, the worker will likely require legal assistance from an attorney to be at least somewhat reimbursed for an accident and to assist them in finding the individual or organization at fault. Municipalities often take actions concerning safety on our roads, but such actions are not always effective in preventing accidents. Warnings or barricades may be insufficient to prevent motorists from injuring our city workers. Motorists may disregard the laws put in place to make the roads safer, or they may simply be oblivious to the presence of such workers on the road. Obviously, we want all individuals to be cautious when it comes to motor safety, but there's no way for law enforcement officers to police every law and regulation to prevent accidents from occurring. It is unfortunate that the injuries involved in these types of situations can be severe or deadly. Source: Talk of the Sound, "New Rochelle Sanitation Worker Struck, Seriously Injured by Vehicle on Eastchester Road," June 6, 2012