New Jersey owners of a Jeep Liberty SUV may be facing a hidden danger in the operation of their vehicles. There have been 50 injury reports of the airbag being deployed in the 2002 and 203 Jeep Liberty SUV where the vehicle was not involved in a crash. The National Highway Traffic Administration is investigating these deployments, and this investigation has been upgraded to a full engineering analysis. Such a defective product resulting in injuries incurred because of such deployments may ultimately end in a recall and possible litigation. Operators of the jeeps in which such air bags have deployed reported burns, cuts and bruises due to the air bag inflations. Though no deaths have been reported, a fatality could occur if the air bag happened to deploy while the vehicle was out on a New Jersey roadways. One of the problems concerning the deployment of the air bags is that Chrysler itself has stated it does not know or understand why the air bags are deploying. Yet though the reason for deployment has not been determined, these types of vehicles are still being driven on the roads. If an individual was injured while driving such a vehicle, taking on a company such as Chrysler will of course not be easy. It will require lawyers accustomed to dealing with large corporations and that can persevere. Investigation of such accidents will require expert testimony, an understanding of methods of production, an establishment of causation, and lots of long hours reviewing technically intricate documents such as engineering specification. The National Highway Traffic Administration's investigation involves over 387,000 vehicles. Some of the incidents involved the air bag deploying while the vehicle was started, and others involved deployment while the vehicle was actually in motion. Source: Pioneer Press, "Government steps up Jeep Liberty air bag probe," Jan. 30, 2012